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Are you able to accommodate food allergies?

I will happily accommodate food insensitivities but cannot accommodate allergies that cause an anaphylaxis reaction. Common food insentitivies I bake for are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. We do not use sugar substitutes and can't accommodate cakes for the keto diet or diabetics. All the same equipment is used so trace amounts are possible. A release of liability for allergens will be listed on your wedding cake contract and it will be the couple's responsibility to communicate to guests that have severe allergies.

Do you offer tastings?

Yes, but for contracted couples only. While we'd love to accommodate everyone that wants a tasting prior to contracting, we prefer to focus our availability for tastings for those couples that have already booked with us. Please feel free to read through our reviews on Google or Facebook. When we were doing tastings for potential clients, we booked 99% of the clients we made tastings for. 

Can we taste other desserts beside cake?

Yes! You are able to taste whatever you like, but try to keep it to 4-5 flavor or dessert options. Most of our desserts can be shipped as well.

Do you deliver wedding cakes? Can I pick mine up to save money?

I would love to deliver your Vermont wedding cake and/or desserts. I charge a small price but it pays for my time and allows you to have piece of mind. While my cakes are meant to travel well to their destination and are built with supports, imagine driving your own three-tier cake and having it tip or bump against something in your car. Heart-breaking! Our large cakes travel in a safe space and I bring touch-up kits to the venue incase of small dings that happen along the way. For cakes three tiers and above, delivery is the only option.

Do you provide flowers or should my florist provide them?

We can do this either way! Having a florist provide flowers is a great way to achieve a matching cake design to your overall wedding aesthetic. Make sure they are available for me at the venue at the time of delivery and that they are only non-toxic florals. There are many flowers that should never, ever come in to contact with any kind of food. I wrap all floral stems in food-safe tape before placing on to the cake. 

I can also provide flowers at market price from our local florist and ensure they are non-toxic.

When should I do a tasting?

We recommend doing a tasting a few months before your wedding. November - May is an excellent time for tastings because we'll have greater availability outside of wedding season. Expect that it may take a month to get you on the calendar for a tasting so while you may want to taste prior to contracting with me, I do book up fairly quickly and your date may get booked before I am able to get you in for a tasting. 

The best way to do a tasting is through a tasting box, which is $15 per flavor or dessert option. I am not offering a seated tasting option at this time.

Do you negotiate with pricing or offer any discounts? 

I do not. My prices reflect the experience I have and the time, effort and materials required to complete a cake. 

How far in advance should I book my wedding order?

If your wedding is on a Saturday during our typical peak wedding season in Vermont (May - October), I recommend 12-18 months in advance. Usually coming in to the spring, I am already receiving bookings for summer of the next year.

Can you design a cake for us? Or should we send you design ideas?

Both! I can work off of photos you find or existing designs in my Vermont wedding cake portfolio. I can custom design and sketch a cake for an additional fee. 

Do you rent cake or cupcake stands?

I rent a set of white stands suitable for dessert bars. I do not have stands currently available for cakes larger than 2-tiers, but am working on adding to my inventory. If you are purchasing your own stands, please consult with me on size. A four-tier cake will have a 14-16 inch board that it sits on, so a 12 inch stand will not work, for example. Tiered cakes are quite heavy so for very large cakes, I recommend having me source the stand. Pedestal stands ARE NOT a great choice for large tiered cakes. One bump of the table could result in your cake falling over. We recommend stands with multiple feet that are lower in height.

For cupcake stands, Home Goods is a great place to find these! The often have beautiful, reasonably-priced options.

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